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Richard Neville

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Social commentator, author and stirrer, Richard Neville came to international prominence in the 60's and 70's with the creation of the notorious international magazine Oz - his first act of futurism. In his best-seller, Playpower, Neville monitored the global youthquake and predicted the rise of computers. His second book, also a best-seller, won a confession from a serial killer who preyed on pot-trail back-packers. Ever since, he has continued to signpost the edges of social change - in books, essays, on TV, in keynote addresses, seminars, public debate and lately on the web. A co-founder of the Australian Futures Foundation, Richard has built a corporate practice as a professional futurist, offering an array of tools & techniques for surfing the waves of change. He is a Co-founder and Director of The Neville Freeman Agency.

Here is a brief chronology of Richard's professional life:

1958-1962: Left school, advertising trainee, studied Commerce and Arts at University of NSW, edited the student newspaper, Tharunka.

1963: Launched the satirical magazine, Oz, which sparked censorships wars, created eminent legal careers and gave Australia its nickname.

1966-1970: Back-packed across Asia, filing "hippie trail" reports for the Sydney Morning Herald. Started Oz in London, attracting an array of literary/artistic talent, turning it into a forum of alternative lifestyle and politics. BBC commentator on youth affairs. Published 'Playpower', an insider's view of the counter culture, and still the definitive 60's guide.

1971: Defeated charges at Old Bailey for publishing Schoolkids Oz. Appointed "the alternative voice" in the London Evening Standard.

1972: Covered the US elections for Fleet Street and Nation Review.

1972- 1975: Returned home to assist at Nimbin's Aquarius Festival. Published a weekly newspaper, fronted the ABC's Lateline, fell in love, fled abroad.

1976: New York correspondent for London's Punch magazine, freelanced for High Times, Soho News, The New York Times.

1977-1979: Researched and interviewed a serial killer who preyed on pot trail backpackers. Won a confession and unravelled the fate of the victims, as recounted in the best-seller, 'The Life & Crimes of Charles Sobhraj'.

1980 -1990: Joined Channel Nine's Mike Walsh Show as a social commentator, and took film-crews to Europe, Asia and the US, in search of the offbeat and the significant. In 1986, created Extra Dimensions, for the Ten Network, focussing on human potential and green business.

1990 - 1995: Commentator on cultural and consumer trends for The Midday Show. Wrote "think pieces" in a wide array of media, both national and world wide. Columnist on future trends for ABM (Aust Bus Monthly) and a corporate consultant on issues of ethics and social responsibility. Popular memoir, 'Hippie Hippie Shake' (Aus/UK) optioned for cinema.

1996: Columnist for The Bulletin on business issues - Beyond the Bottom Line. These and other writings are collected by Penguin in 'Out of My Mind'. Co-founded the Futurist Network, a brainstoming centre for shaping the 21st Century.

1997: Co-launched the Futures Foundation, to provide specialist resources to a growing network of practical futurists, and promote the theory and practice of futures studies. Neville is a provocative speaker and facilitator for business and other organisations seeking to introduce new thinking.

1999: Wrote, with Julie Clark, scenario stories and scripted video clips for 'Alternative Futures: Scenarios for Business in Australia to the year 2015', presented the package as facilitator of the National Industry Policy Conference.

2002: Founded The Neville Freeman Agency with Oliver Freeman. Wrote 'Footprints of the Future', published by Richmond, and 'Amerika Psycho'.